What is the construction timeline?

Harrison Street Project Phasing Board
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Construction continues from the fall of 2017 with noise wall installation, utility relocations and box culvert relocations early this spring.

Access during construction will be for local traffic only.

Construction is planned for 2 construction seasons: Phase 1 will occur in 2018 and Phases 2 and 3 in 2019.


Who do I contact for construction-related issues?

Troy Staroscik
City Construction Manager


How do I find out about other roadway construction projects in the area?




How will emergency vehicles have access to my property?

Local access will be maintained during construction and emergency agencies will continue to be coordinated with. SeeĀ Local Access Map

How will pedestrians cross Harrison Street?

Existing crossings will be maintained during Phase 1 of construction.


Why will construction take so long?

To minimize disruption to the neighborhoods, school access and school schedule, the project has been divided into several phases with smaller project areas.